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Construction of stands and interiors

4D Expo stands for construction of stands and interiors and connecting people.

4D Expo has in total more than 40 years of experience in stand construction, stand design, interior design and project management. Years of experience, dedication to our profession and interaction with customers in various segments combined with knowledge of all applicable materials ensures that we can make an unique booth or piece of furniture for each customer within the budget.

4D Expo – broad expertise, constructive and efficient

The broad expertise of 4D Expo makes us the right partner to advice you in all phases of creation. Constructive and efficient with the aim to create the one decisive experience at a trade show or event.

Our craftsmen create based on your goals creative concepts that will be aligned closely with you. To visualize this, we work with realistic 3D presentations. A transparent budget and advice on functionality, sustainability, logistics and professional installation, make our proposal complete.

From start to finish, we have only one common goal and that is a successful project.

Stand construction

The growing importance of marketing is undeniable. The right combination of shape, image, feeling, smell and sound at an exhibition or event, determine increasingly the attention of visitors. “Experience leads to choice” is also no longer applicable. Creating proper and successful experience is a specialized profession that 4D Expo knows by heart.

Innovation and distinctive creativity

Our passionate team will be pleased to advice you conceptually, both in- and out-of-the-box, with an eye on innovation and distinctive creativity. Complemented by our wide experience in the field of stand construction and excellent knowledge of materials we are able to get the attention of existing and potential customers.

4D Expo - Full service, from design to completion

What 4D Expo stands for:

Design – it starts with a design containing your wishes, of course with our advice
Display – the best way of presenting your company and products
Demonstration – practical translation for the best demonstration possible (beautiful is not always convenient)
Dimension – 4D Expo provides additional dimension(s) for the best experience in your target market

4D booths

Our 4th dimension is an added value on the standard 4D booths, it will make your business presentation an experience for the customer they will never forget. The 4th dimension is always unique, it varies per customer.

Full service, from design to completion

4D Expo provides full service, from design to completion. We can arrange the necessary (international) fair documents, but also the applications for facilities such as electricity and water. We make sure that the stand is ready for use, cleaned and that the coffee runs. After the fair we break down the booth, take care of transportation and if needed we can also take care of storage. We offer full service so you can enjoy your success without anything to worry.

4D Expo - broad expertise, constructive and efficient

4D Expo - Standbouw

How does 4D Expo work:

Introduction and brainstorm: define what you need, what the objective is and what important is to you.

Design: the stand must be a representation of your company. 4D Expo has an unique and creative approach to indentify your needs and converts it into a design. At fairs you meet potential customers, you see what your competition is doing, and you see the market literally come alive. The purpose of a booth is to inspire, inform and sell and therefore your booth should be striking!  Based on your wishes we provide a design, allowing you to see how your booth will look at drawings. It is also possible to view your booth through a 3D drawing or animation.

Production: the entire preparation is done in our workshop in Medeblik,  so the booth can be put together at the fair easily.

Assembly and disassembly: we build the booth and ensure that it is clean so you can start right away. The will be fridge cold, the coffee hot. We do what we are good at, so you can do what you do best; inform and sell. When the fair is over, you do not have to worry about the booth. We will break it down properly and take care of the rest of the process.

Logistics: we have the right contacts with experienced transport companies. Your booth is in good hands, we take care of that.

Storage: recycling is important. We believe it is important to save materials and components that can be recycled. We have plenty of storage and can store your entire booth or in individual parts. Also, one-off projects can be used several times this way. To re-use materials, high quality is essential, and it also lowers the cost. A win-win situation which also leads to a reduction of raw material consumption. In this way 4D Expo is taken the environment into account (or In this way 4D Expo cares about the environment)

Rules and safety regulations

Inside the booth, there are quite a few rules and safety regulations. We ensure a safe and honest stand construction business. The experienced people of 4D Expo are familiar with these rules and regulations. They always wear safety shoes and if necessary a protective helmet, ear protectors and knee pads. Besides personal safety 4D Expo can also help you with the necessary international (fire) safety certificates.


4D Expo is a medium sized company and gives you the advantages of both a large and a small company.

The benefits for you are:

• Personal contact
• Direct lines
• Creativity
• Distinctiveness
• Full service
• Quality
• Knowledge of materials, rules and regulations
• 40 Years of experience in total

Our completed projects can be viewed here.

Of course stand business remains customization, your goals and personal wishes must come forward. We would be happy to explain all possibilities of 4D Expo, while enjoying a cup of coffee.